Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Options!

“We know we are less than human when we are alone.”

There are two extremes on the pendulum of relationship; isolation and immersion. The Isolationist says, “I want to be safe” and the immersionist says, “I need you in order to live (17).”
It is interesting how my views fall in the pendulum. For example, I definitely fear vulnerability with people. I cleave at times to self preservation instead of reaching out to the individual. Then, at other times, I think my life is pitiful because my dear friends from the past are not here and I overlook the dear friendships that are being built here.

They go on to explain relationship interactions between two types of people.

-the frustrated relationship; one isolationist, who feels smothered, and one immersionist, who feels rejected.

-the emeshed relationship, two immersionist;so dependent on each other, that they can be easily hurt when the other does not meet their needs

-the isolated relationship; two isolationist;complicated because their desires for safety and independence collides with the longing for relationship.

“While relationships are not inherently dangerous, the expectations we bring to them can be (19).” In the words of Miah (from Princess Diaries) “Shut up”! I am disappointed in relationships normally because the other person does not met the expectations I have imposed upon them. How silly, and yet I see this continually surfacing in my relationships. *hint prayer request

8 implications to enrich your community (relationships)

1. God is the only properly functioning community in the universe (21).
2. The Trinity is the only adequate model for human community (22)
3. People made in God's likeness were made for community (22).
4. God has a 2-fold purpose for human community: personal growth and witness to the world (23).
5. Sin's self-centeredness cuts us off from God and others(23).
6. True human community only arise out of communion with God (23).
7. Christ's resolve confirms the commitment made by the Father, Son, and Spirit before the creation of the world (24).
8. God will dwell in community with his people so that they can know community with one another

In conclusion, I don't want to give everything away in the chapter because there is rich truth found in the content of the above point.

“Only when human beings live in community do we fully reflect the likeness of God (26).”
not that this is the formula for perfection but the Holy Spirit sanctifies us through relationships.


Kim said...

1. God is the only properly functioning community in the universe (21).
2. The Trinity is the only adequate model for human community (22)

These 2 points really bring everyone thing else into perspective.

I have added this book on my list of things to read this year! Thanks for the summaries! I am so thankful for Biblically based books to practically help me through this journey--I need it so much!

boo4baby said...

Beth, you make me want to buy this book TODAY! Thanks for being vulnerable here! I can't wait to get this book! Thanks for writing about this in such a way to cause me to think about my relationships. Thanks......I think! :D Love ya!

R. D. Bailey said...

thanks beth. and thanks again for serving our kids on Sundays. Please read and interact at http://bclr1530.blogspot.com/


Yogi Taylor said...

Yo Beth, What's up?

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