Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This just happened:

Phone Rings.

Employee: Hello. _____ Pharmacy. How can I help you?

Customer: Yes. Me and my husband are driving across the country and I wanted to know how long you could wear an adult diaper without it leaking?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

the work of the body

I know two postings in one day is going overboard, but if you know me, you know I go overboard when I am excited. I just wanted to comment on the blessing that "God talk" has on my life. I few minutes ago a group of friends left my house and I am encouraged (not because they left). Our conversation ranged from brides maid dresses to the ottoman empire but throughout we spoke of our struggles with personal sin and how our salvation is being worked out practically. Are we pursuing correct relationships with the body? or are we responding correctly? What is our motivation in doing "good works"? Granted these question were not directly addressed but our conversation followed similar questions. The body is neccessary to encourage, exhort, love and confront. It shows once again that the Bible speaks to what can glorify God the most and one way is to build relationships with one another based on God's work and His glory.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Debtor to Mercy Alone

Life, fast-paced and self-centered, is a blurr of actions that serve self. Being a Christian creates a new scenerio about living in the world, namely that my sole pursuit is not self but God's glory. Santification is changing the pursuit of self to the pursuit of God and His glory. A person by themselves with no outside influence would choose evil or wrong. So how do you change your thinking? By mere reading this would seem to be an impossible task, BUT I left out the beginning. The mercy of God shown in sending His Son and pouring on Christ the wrath I deserved has made a way for me to be free to do good. So, I am a debtor to mercy alone. The freedom in that statement is the heart of the reason I struggle and strive to do good. My motivation can now be the GLORY of GOD and not the glory of self.