Friday, May 29, 2009

A New Post ... Finally!

I am sitting sipping my double, tall, nonfat, toffee nut latte and I am thinking over the past year. Since my last post God has pour rich blessing on me, mostly in the form of a soon to be husband, Paul. Paul and I have been going through premarital counseling for almost 3 months and I have loved it. I wanted to shout out some major points we have been told about marriage and see if anybody has anymore insight for Paul and me.

  1. Christ and His salvific work is the only thing that will bring complete joy and fulfillment.
  2. The Scripture brings solutions to problems, clarity to disagreements, and humility to your heart.
  3. Love is a daily choice to prefer the other, to be unselfish, and to align your emotions with the truth of scripture.
  4. Marriage takes work, lots of work.
  5. Marriage is a blessing. It can come as a surprise out of the blue. But to reap continual fruit in abundance you have to work hard to keep the dead branches, dries leaves, and rotten fruit from deadening your joy. Work, through the grace God has given, to keep your marriage in the place where it can bear the most fruit so as to reap the most blessing.
Please pray that we will be humble lovers of Christ and joyful worshipers of God and that we will be obedient to love.


Anonymous said...

Yay, you used your blog again!

Thanks for putting up those nuggets of wisdom. =}

Debbie said...

I found your blog because I was looking for "a Debtor to Mercy" by the group glad. You write a good blog. I am guessing that you are now married and either time or life have you occupied, hence no writing since 2009. Both my children are married parents and I value the time we get to " share a word, have a short visit" they both live away from me and from each other. My boy now 33,and wife have a 2 1/2 yr old boy and now a month and a half new daughter. My daughter, now 30, and husband have a 2 yr old boy. Both love the Lord Jesus, for which I am grateful.
I want to comment on your relationship writing. My marriage is 36 yrs old...and as you can now better know, there have been good and bad days in our marriage. God is always faithful to each of my real vote goes for CSLewis comment you quoted. The first things put first make the second things more exposed to God's love. I will add that letting God fill me with light makes my mouth "full of light". God is light and there is NO darkness in Him...NO darkness in Him. I have so often gotten in the way of God and myself in my marriage that I have brought darkness into our marriage by my tongue, such a small thing...but when I am looking at the light and all my expectations are in Him, His light is my conscious choice for my home. I pray God's rich blessings on you and your home. God places great value on His homes...